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Notices to Mariners

Only 5 – 7% of Vietnam’s Logistics workforce trained
Date: 16/03/2014

 On 18th March, in Hochiminh city, Vietnam Logistics Association (VLA) and Logistics Institute announced Logistics Index (Transportation, Forwarding, Warehousing)


It’s the first time Vietnam logistics service has set the logistics index to provide a part of the market of this potential service 


Mr. Do Xuan Quang, President of VLA, President of AFFA (Asean Freight Forwarding Association), said the logistics sector index was studied, referenced base on the experiences of countries in the world. It would provide practical information to see the logistics service market and bring logistics market to closer to financial investors.


This is the first foundations to create standardized information for logistics service in Vietnam.


In recent years, with the scale of 20-22 billion USD / year, accounting for 20.9% of the country's GDP, logistics service plays an important role in the integration process and economic development in Vietnam. Therefore, the logistics index will be an important turning point in the development strategy of this service.


According to the VLA, there are about 1,200 logistics providers in Vietnam. The most of these serives are freight forwarding service, warehousing, transportation agents in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi Capital. Excepting for state enterprises are being equitisation, most of these businesses have small and medium scale, the average charter capital ratio of 4-6 billion VND, the proportion of human resources trained in logistics also accounts for only 5-7%.

However, the charter capital, human resources and scale of logistics companies,… have been invested and improved a lot in recently. Vietnam logistics enterprises are agents or undertake each stage of supply chain for international logistics enterprises.


 Besides, there are 25 existing multinational enterprises operating in the logistics in Vietnam. However, these enterprises account for 70-80% market share of logistics service.

 Dr. Dang Vu Thanh, Director of the Logistics Institute, The Logistics index (also called VLI Logistics Index), which is calculated continuously every day and updated, provides the overview of logistics continuously. It’s foundation for the prediction by the models, to reflect the extraordinary events in time, to help investors to make decisions quickly.


Similar to stock index, logistics index will bring more information to the investors to have a different perspective on the logistics company listed on the market and this is the basis for the investment fund index interest and investment.

Organization Board also announced the program voted top 25 logistics enterprises in Vietnam, to support businesses concerned, investment brand to grow, compete with international brands. The program is expected to publish the results in June next. /.


 By: Hua Chung/Vietnam news agency

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