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Rescue fishermen sinked-boat in Paracels
Date: 16/06/2014

 News from Binh Chau commune, Binh Son District (Quang Ngai Province) said the noon on 15th June, Fishing boat Qn 95814TS by fishermen Vo Nhi (Chau Thuan Bien village, Binh Chau Commune) as captain, with 11 fishermen on board, when they were catching fishery school in Paracel, the vessel has been a strong wave, wind making this boat was sunk.


Thankfully, fishing boat QNg 90479TS by fishermen Vo Van Luu (in the same hometown) as captain, was practicing nearby timely detection and rescueing 11 fishermens in distress on board safely 

According to Vietnam coast radio communication system, due to the effection of the first storm on the East Coast, two days of weekend has happened 3 for distress vessels. The next case is a fishing boat QNg 95771 TS broken machine from Stone West Island, the Spratly about 24 nauticals, with 32 fishermens on board. Meanwhile, in the morning of 14th June, Cantho coast radio communication system received information the fishing boat TV 94040 TS of Tra Vinh province, one fisherman fell down the sea and disappeared in bad weather. Now, we were looking for but not results.

 National Centre for Hydro - Meteorological Forecasting announced in the afternoon 15th June, the first storm was into on the southeast area of Guangdong Province, China. In the next 24 hours, the storm moves mainly north, then changed direction to move north and northeast, weakening into a tropical depression and continues to weaken quickly into a low pressure area and disspear quickly. Due to the influence of the southern edge of the first storm, the northeast China Sea has strong winds 6 level shock 7-8 level, powerful sea on 15th June.


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