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The Quang Ngai fishermen repairs urgently boat to continue offshore
Date: 14/05/2014

( – Many boats of Quang Ngai fishermen after being chased, smashed, stolen by China boats when fishing in Paracel Islands of Viet Nam called, repaired urgently, material; food transport to prepare for  fishing voyage, refined to offshore, keep fishing school,…


We were in Sa Can harbor area, Binh Son District when fishing boat QNg-90349TS of Mr. Nguyen Van Cu, Binh Chau commune, Binh Son District had been sucessfully launched, after near 1 month repairing. He and his friends were preparing costs for fishing voyage. 

Fishermen Nguyen Van Cu said that: On 21th April, when he was fishing at Paracel Islands of Viet Nam’s waters, his boat was attacked, taken away all fishing gear, seafood, communication equipments,… by China boats

Tàu ngư dân Nguyễn Văn Cu vừa hạ thủy thành công sau gần 1 tháng sửa chữa.

Boat’s Nguyen Van Cu fishermen had been sucessfully launched then nearly 1 month repairing

Boat was broken badly damage and all equipment fishing, seafood were stolen. That fishing trip was as lost completely. Beside damaged hundreds million VND for broken boat, he was lost hundreds million VND for cost. After calling coast, he continues borrowing to repair boat for coming back Paracel to catch of fish as soon as possible.   

Fishermen Nguyen Van Cu said: “Althought Paracel is Vietnam own waters, China acts too defiantly! For us - fishermen, Paracel is not only traditional fishing school but also our home. We can not leave our home, despite the defiant, unjustified actions of China. We are ready, after preparing for costs, we continue our offshore voyages”  

Like fishermen Nguyen Van Cu’s boat, in the past few days, fishing boat Qng 90205-TS of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang, Binh Chau Commune, Binh Son District, after berthing at Sa Ky Port to  repair urgently and then his boat will be continue offshore. Mr. Quang’s boat is one of fishing boats heated, severely beaten fishermen by China boats. 

Tàu ông Quang đang được khẩn trương sửa chữa để tiếp tục bám biển Hoàng Sa.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quang’s boat is repaired urgently to continue offshore in Paracel Islands.

After safely berthed, two fishermens were cured and his boat was also repaired.”This voyage was badly damaged, China boat not only smashed boat but also stolen all assets, equipment fishing. Recently, I have borrowed to repair boat and continue offshore as soon as possible because Paracel is our own waters. Although China acts defiantly and disturbly, we don’t scare.” Mr.Quang said. 

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung – Deputy President of People’s Committee Binh Chau Commune and Chairman of Binh Chau Fishing Union said that Binh Chau presently had 426 boats with 66,700CV capacity, there were about 143 boats frequently catching in two traditional fishing Spratly and Paracel. Recentlty, many boats of commune’s fishermen had been chased, attacked, stolen assets by China boats … that caused lot of difficulties for fishermen. However, after calling, many fishermen borrowed as well as supported from public to repair boat urgently. They defined that holding Paracel and Spratly waters not only earns for their living and family but also contributes to preserve and affirm the sovereignty of our country.    

By: Mr.MToan 

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